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rhobaAIR® AEROWASH 4000

Old productname: RHOBA ALTIA A202

Liquid, multifunctional special cleaning concentrate. Is free of complexing agents and contains biodegradable surfactants.


  • multifunctional in application
  • suitable for aluminum, glass, acrylic glass and painted surfaces
  • not suitable for textile coverings
  • easy to use
  • dissolves heavy contamination such as oils, greases, brake dusts and environmental dirt
  • internationally approved for aviation use: Mc Donnel Douglas CSD # 1; Boeing D6-17487 Revision P; AMS 1526B


rhobaAIR AEROWASH 4000 is used for exterior and interior cleaning of airplanes and helicopters and generally for cleaning all water-resistant surfaces.

Dilute the product with water depending on the application and the degree of soiling of the surface to be cleaned. After cleaning, rinse the treated surfaces with water.


Application Concentration Temperature Contact time
Manuell (e.g. spraying, wiping) 5 – 15 Vol. % RT as required
Foam application 3 – 15 Vol. % RT as required
Interior cleaning 5 – 10 Vol. % RT as required
Immersion process 8 – 50 Vol. % 45 – 75 °C 10 – 30 min.

Technical data

Appearence Colourless, clear liquid
pH-value approx. 11
Density at 20 °C approx. 1,03 g/ml



Storage temperature: 5-30 °C

Shelf life: 12 months



Before application, test material compatibility at an inconspicuous area. Follow the cleaning and care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

We cannot be held liable for improper use and resulting damages.


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